Help that you need while moving to Spain as expat


Spain is a country that has rich and eventful history. Spain has been the point of contact between some of the largest and most influential civilizations of the world because it is the landmass that is closest to the Africa and is western most peninsula of the Europe. Expats can get guide from the Caser Freemium Services before moving to Spain. For this help you can visit

Economy of country:

During the global finance crises Spain see the fall of fascism. It becomes the resurgent economic force later with lot of effort. Over the last few years signs of growth have appeared in the economy of the country. It is predicted by the 2015 IMF global forecast that as compared to the other countries of Eurozone Spain has higher levels of growth. But Caser Freemium Services tell us that the environment for employment is not so ideal. Because as compared to other European countries, salaries are also often lower in Spain.

Cost of living:

Cost of living is lower in Spain. So in this way lower salaries can be compensated in this way. Expats can face a difficult time in obtaining a work permit if they fail to secure employment before relocation. They can also face difficulties in obtaining the contract upon arrival. This is an attractive destination for expats because of its food, fashion, music, architecture and arts.

Beachside property is affordable in Spain so many expats prefer to live on the coasts of Spain. Another reason for preference is that there is unhurried lifestyle. Germans and Britons prefer to live in villas at the sunny shores of the country because they have reasonable price. According to a survey, more than one million British expats are there in the country. Due to distinct cultural core, living in Spain is a great challenge despite of sharing Spanish society with Europe.

Common languages:

Castilian is the dominant language of Spain. But Catalan and Basque that are the regional co-official languages are also well known in the country. Residents of Basque want to make it independent state due to distinct national identity. Spanish has exuberant social personalities and they have relaxed attitude to life. They do not show hurry for other’s urgency.

Transportation system:

In most of the cities of Spain, public transportation is most efficient. For most of the transit needs of the country buses are always the first choice. There is also an extensive rail system. But if you want to visit relatively close then it can take a lot of time. This is the radial architecture of this system. There is too much variation in the Spanish terrain. It has southern most ski resort and also have desert in the Europe. So we can say that it have twin distinctions. So it is said that Spain has ideal weather conditions. But according to Caser Freemium Services it is important to pay attention to the climate of the region while selecting the city or town for residence.


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