Common Causes of Back Pain


Unfortunately, it is quite common for people to develop back problems at some point in their lives. Most of these problems will be temporary and minor, although in all too many cases it can be persistent and perhaps even debilitating. It is important to know both how to avoid back pain and what to do when it develops.


The most common cause of back pain are injuries related to work related tasks, home accidents or recreational activities such as sports. Injuries to the back typically occur when you use muscles attached to the back in ways that you don’t normally do. That is why it is important to warm up before exercising so that your back muscles are not stiff as you begin to engage in physical activity.

Risk Factors

Studies have shown that the single activity most responsible for back injury is when you are lifting objects repeatedly, such as you might do on the job or when you are doing housework or working in the yard. Another common cause of back injury is falling, especially if you land hard on the buttocks or suffer a direct blow to the back of your neck. Activities that require you to twist the spine suddenly such as is sometimes required playing sports should also be regarded as risky.

Other Factors

Accidents and injuries are not the only cause of back pain. Simply getting older can lead to back pain, especially if you have a family history of back problems or a tendency towards osteoporosis. Bad posture such as sitting slouched in a chair for a long period of time can also encourage developing back pain.

What to Do

The good news about back pain is that in most cases it will usually go away in less than a month if you receive proper treatment. Sadly, there are other cases where back pain can become a chronic problem. If your back pain developed as a result of a work related incident, immediately contact a workers comp attorney who can ensure that you receive the medical care and other compensation you are entitled to. Otherwise, consult your family physician as soon as back pain develops while avoiding any activities that may have caused the back problem in the first place.


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